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Tuesdays are all about the new books. You can pre-order during the show and pick up on Wednesday, or we will ship to you ANYWHERE - even internationally! We usually start that show at 6pm Central and run through around 8pm-ish. The Thursday show is just about interviews with comic book creators, writers, artists, and cosplayers, from 7:30-9:30pm Central. We also do other various live sales, usually over the weekend.

Tuesday, Thursday and most other shows are simulcast on Facebook Live @fenixcomixusa and on Twitch @fenixcomix

Current video is from 02/21/2019

For any of our live sales or subscribers, we can ship your order to you, or you can come pick them up at the shop. US, shipping is $7.50 for 1-7 books and $14.50 for 8-14 books. We will let you know the rate if your order more than 14 books at a time, or if you are an international customer. Or join our group to get info on upcoming releases, pre-orders, and auctions. 10/22/18