Adult Comics - Mature Comics - Subscription Orders - Previews for July

adult comicsWe like to carry a wide variety of books on our shelves, from superheroes, horror, kids, indie, weird, fun, silly, collectible, old and new. However, we like to keep the covers on the shelves more family-friendly to maintain our "clean and open" atmosphere, and keep some of the more racy covers contained in the subscription bins.

This does not mean that we don't enjoy some adult comics ourselves, nor do we discourage ordering these comics. For your enjoyment, here is the adult previews book. **mature images**

Click on the image or the link above to view the pdf file, then contact us to start your subscription. Single book orders are fine, if you only want one issue or a trade paperback or graphic novel. If you want the series, just tell us the title and if you only want one issue, make sure to include the issue number. Certain covers may not be available because of ordering minimums - or we may not be able to ship to certain countries.

Once you make your selections, come into the shop or send your subscription form to us via email. We can even mail your subscription to you! Each week when new books come in, we let you know if one you subscribe to has shown up. Then you can come in when you are ready and it will be waiting for you - or pay your invoice (and shipping cost) online and we will ship it the next business day.