Open Since 2017!

FENIX COMIX, LLC. is a new comic book store based on the idea of a family dynamic enjoying comics together. We are located in Peculiar, MO, which we already know is a little "Odd".

We sell inside our store Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Toys, Collectibles, and other comic related items. We also sell some clothing and accessories, including a line of Fenix gear with our logo.

Our store is very family friendly and has a warm and inviting feel and a clean approach to comics. We are pretty knowledgeable but want you to feel at home and not uncomfortable for wanting to learn something comic books, or about the hobby of collecting them.

Comic books are fun and they can bring a family together while promoting fun reading for even the youngest person in the family. We have many styles of comics in our shop that appeal to all ages and levels of comic book reading and collecting. We welcome everyone to hang out and visit and to have a good time at our place.

Please keep an eye on our HOME page and watch our timeline unfold, and also our social media sites as they begin to grow!