Fenix Comix Is Now Online

We have officially launched our web-store! That’s right, folks; we are now online for shopping, as well as our exceptional blog and website. Follow the site and social media for events and sales in our shop, or visit our web store to shop online.

What this means for you…

You can find all of your favorite new titles, and buy them FIRST, even before our doors open on Wednesday morning. After pulls have been sorted and invoiced, before anyone else has access to walk in and buy a thing, YOU can reserve your copy of new titles from our shelves.

But what about back issues and collectibles?

All of our collectibles, apparel, and other swag are also available in our web store. Anything new that comes into the shop is immediately put into the system and added to the web store. Everything has the same price and availability in our shop and web store. We have many collectible back issues already listed now online, and the rest are coming soon. We have a HUGE assortment of comic back issues from vintage collections and it is taking some time to get them all into our system, but more are added each week. Once they are in the system and on our shelves, it may take a little more time to upload pictures and get them primed for web orders. To make sure you are always on top of the latest additions, you may want to come visit to grab yours FIRST before anyone else does. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us and let us know what to put out next. We will contact you before listing it in our store.

Shipping vs Pickup

You can choose to have your items shipped to you directly, or locals have the option of picking up your web order to avoid shipping fees. Simply enter your address in the “shipping address” section and if you are in the local area you will be given the option of selecting “In-Store Pickup” as a shipping choice. There will be no charge and your items will be waiting for you the next time you come to visit us. This works great for those who started a subscription late in a series and do not already have a reserved copy or for those who just discovered a new series but can’t get to the shop before we are sold out of the latest issue. Simply order online and pick up at your convenience.

Loyalty Rewards and Gift Certificates

Loyalty points from in-store purchases do not apply toward online purchases; similarly, your online purchases do not count towards in-store loyalty points. Gift certificates purchased online can be used in the web store. Gift cards will soon be available in our shop for use in store. Unfortunately, these systems are not integrated at this time. We are working on that and will keep you up to date on any changes.