How do I find out when new comic book titles will be released?

You may already be aware that new comic book titles are released every Wednesday. But how do you know if the titles that interest you are going on sale? What if there is a Mini, Annual, or One-Shot coming up that features your favorite character? What if you only read trade paperbacks (full volumes of a comic in book form) and only want to know when one is available? Well, there are actually several ways to find out which books are going to be released on what day…

Comic Subscriptions

First, you can start a subscription list with your local comic shop, commonly referred to as a “pull” or “pull and hold” list. This means that your local comic shop will order a copy specifically for you and then pull it from their shipment and hold it for you until you can come pick it up (within reason). This means that there will always be the most recent copy of your favorite book waiting for you, even if you can’t make it on Wednesday. To be polite to the folks that provide this free service, stop by at least once a month – besides, you don’t want to fall too far behind!


Previews books are available at your local comic shop for you to look over and see which titles will be released on which day over the next few months. Ordering directly from the Previews is sometimes a bit more precise than starting a pull, simply because there may be several different similar titles running simultaneously. For example, “Batman”, “Batman / The Shadow”, and “Detective Comics” all revolve around Batman. Not to mention “Batman Beyond”, “Batgirl”, “Bane Conquest”, “Nightwing”, among others.  Some are limited-run series, meaning that only a few will be released in a short side-story or “mini”, and you might miss the whole thing if you are only subscribed to the main series. There are also special books, like annuals and one-shots that you might miss if you aren’t paying attention!

Helpful Websites

There are a few sites out there that will list this week’s releases. This is very helpful for finding out what is out right now, and deciding if you are going to visit your local comic shop this week or wait until next week. The downside to this is that if you have not let your shop know you are interested (either by subscription, Previews order, or regularly stopping in for a purchase) they may not have the title you are looking for. There are hundreds of different comics and most comic book shops only order certain ones. Sometimes re-ordering is an option, but some books are only available – even to retailers – for a limited time. Always you let your local comic shop know what you want BEFORE the release date to be sure they can order it for you in time. Remember, they start ordering books up to TWO MONTHS in advance of release!

At Fenix Comix

We welcome subscriptions and Previews orders at our shop. We have Preview books, and subscription forms in our physical store, and a downloadable form on our website. Soon you will also be able to order new books, back-issues, and even pre-order unreleased books in our webstore. On our links page, there is a link to Comic List that will show you what is coming out this week. Contact us or stop by to see which ones we will have in stock! 

Come on in and see what’s old that new again!

At Fenix Comix, we also have new back-issues (older/used comics) added to the shop every week. We have an extensive inventory and are always moving new books out onto the tables. If you are interested in selling your collection, please be patient as we work our way through the current stock. If you have something really interesting, contact us to see if we are ready to work with you!