Don't Miss an Issue Because You Ordered Too Late!

or "pay attention to FOC!"

Do you like to select individual Issues, but sometimes miss the boat?

Do you wait as long as possible to order a book to be sure you get the cover you want? Do you like to manage how many books you receive per week? Do you want to stay up-to-date on the latest info on covers that will be released?

Do you sometimes miss out on the books/covers you want because you ordered just a little too late? Never fear! Thankfully, on Previewsworld, there is a simple nifty tool for that!

From the main menu, hover over the "Catalog" button, and select the option for "FOC Final Orders Due"

Select by Publisher, or Category to find your favorites

You will now be on a page that displays every book and item we will be finalizing orders on that week, sorted by Publisher. You can choose options from here to filter down to books from your favorite publisher, or by category if you are looking for other items. Each month, we submit our "initial order," but we are able to tweak that order each week as books reach their FOC.

We MUST submit this Final list Monday evening, so be sure you add to your list before then!

FOC Statues and Models

Just in case you were wondering, here is a preview of some of the Toys and Models on FOC this week. Check them out and order before Monday, January 20, 2020!