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Along with your free subscription management tool, there are dozens of other nifty features I bet you didn’t know you could use on PreviewsWorld. In this first very brief issue, we will show how to find out about product changes, shipping updates, and cancellations.

On the main menu bar, hover over “New Releases” and then “Product Updates” -if you then select “Product Changes” you will see the latest info on any changes to previous product info. Below you will find the changes from this week Dec 10, 2019, as an example. The other options  under Product Updates are “Cancellations” and “Shipping Updates”. I bet you can guess what information you would find on those pages!

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Product Changes (12/10)



• Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice HC (NOV190199) was incorrectly solicited at a price of $19.99. Its correct price is $29.99.


• Spawn #304 Cover B Virgin McFarlane (OCT190247, $2.99) will no longer be a Virgin cover.

• Reaver TP Vol. 1 (MR) (NOV190062, $16.99) will now run 152 pages, not 136 pages.

• Project X-Mas #2 Cover B (MR) (Reg./BWNOV190165 / OCT198174, $3.99 ea.) will now be drawn by Matteo Scalera, not Rafael Grampa.

• Project X-Mas #3 Cover B (MR) (DEC190189, $4.99 ea.) and Black-&-White Cover C (OCT198175, $4.99 ea.) will now be drawn by Jason Shawn Alexander, not Matteo Scalera.


• Marvels X #1 (Reg./Vars.:NOV190806 / NOV190807 / NOV190808 / NOV190809 / NOV190810 / NOV190811, $4.99 ea.) & #2 (Reg./Vars.:DEC190891 / DEC190892, $4.99 ea.) and all subsequent issues will now be Rated T+, not T.

• Morbius #1 2nd Ptg. Variant(OCT198569, $3.99) will have cover art by Marcelo Ferreira.

• The Amazing Spider-Man #38 (NOV190915, $3.99) will have cover art by Patrick Gleason, not Ryan Ottley.

• Agents of Atlas TP (NOV190968, $15.99) will be retitled Agents of Atlas TP: Pandemonium.

• Black Panther #20 Artist Variant (NOV190885, $3.99) will have cover art by Michael Cho.

• Black Widow Epic Collection TP: Beware Black Widow (NOV190985, $39.99) will be Rated T, not All Ages.

• Steranko is Revolutionary King-Size HC (NOV190951) will now be $125, not $100.

• Web of Venom: The Good Son #1 Artist Variant (NOV190902, $4.99) will have cover art by Gerardo Sandoval.

• X-Force #6 Martin Dark Phoenix 40th Variant DX (NOV190825, $3.99) will have cover art by Gerardo Sandoval.

• X-Men/Fantastic Four #1 Artist Variant (DEC190772, $4.99) will have cover art by Javier Garron.

• Fantastic Four TP Vol.  4: Point of Origin (DEC190992) has been retitled Fantastic Four TP Vol.4: The Thing vs The Immortal Hulk and now contains Fantastic Four (2018) #12-#13, Fantastic Four: 4 Yancy Street (2019) #1 and Fantastic Four: Negative Zone (2019) #1. The book will now be 120 pages, not 152 pages; and will be $15.99, not $19.99.

• The Amazing Spider-Man #40 2099 (DEC190866, $3.99) will have cover art by Ryan Ottley, not Patrick Gleason.

• Captain America by Ta-Nehisi Coates TP Vol.  3: The Legend of Steve (DEC190985) will be $24.99, not $17.99.


• Action Lab Entertainment’s Zombie Tramp #69 Covers E (DEC191332, $4.99) and F Risque (DEC191333, $4.99) were incorrectly solicited with Celor as the artist. The correct artist for both covers is  Claudio Avella.


•  007 Magazine Special: Daniel Craig as James Bond (DEC191613, $25.99) was solicited in the December PREVIEWS with incorrect cover art. The correct art is shown here.