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Whether you are the type of comic collector that loves to be the first one to "discover" a new series from an up-and-coming indie publisher/creator, or the dedicated DC fan that absolutely needs to read each series from the first issue, or someone that just wants to start a new series and are not sure where to look - we all face the same challenge of trying to find those books before they land in the shop. Otherwise, you might not be able to find those elusive #1's after the series has been on the shelf for a couple weeks. Thankfully, on Previewsworld, there is a simple nifty tool for that!

From the main menu, hover over the "Catalog" button, and select the option for "New Series."

Select by Publisher, or Category to find your favorites

You will now be on a page that displays every single new #1 book in the current catalog. You can choose options from here to filter down to books from your favorite publisher. "Premier" publishers are listed at the top, but all of the current publishers will be listed in the drop-down. Or you can scroll through the full list to see the top 4 listings from each publisher.

And that's not all!!!

Remember that the new paper catalogs are available the last Wednesday of every month, but part of your free subscription management tool, Pullbox, is the ability to view the digital edition of the catalog a full 5 days sooner! That's right, on the Friday before a new catalog is available at your LCS, you can already view, preorder, and subscribe to all the hot new books coming out!

New from Scout! in the January catalog for March release!

Just in case you were wondering, our buddies over at Scout Comics have these new titles coming in March.