Guess who is on the naughty list and needs to serve some community service?! You’ve guessed right!


Here comes SantaPool, here comes SantaPool! Saturday 2p to 4p. Help Wade get off the naughty list. He’s been naughty so hopefully he’ll treat you nice.


We will have some special discounts for your holiday shopping needs. We will also be doing some super secret giveaways, and holding a Deadpool Raffle. What is the Deadpool raffle going to be, you ask? Well, you are just going to have to come and see what it will be – no peeking! We wouldn’t want you to be added to the naughty list, too!

You know you want to come sit on his lap!

You might be wondering, “How does one attract Santapool to one’s home this Christmas?” Well, here is how you can alter your normal Santa bait a little to make your home more Deadpool-friendly. 1) Here’s a tip – don’t leave cookies…. leave a CHIMICHANGA! 1b)And he might appreciate something a little more frosty than a glass of milk to go with it, you know what I mean? 2) Bullet casings and throwing knives make a shiny addition to tree decor. 3) But beware not to get on his bad side. Instead of coal in your stocking, he might leave a hand grenade. Hmmm… maybe you shouldn’t try to get him to visit your house. He’s just going to wreck that chimney anyway. So, how about you just come see him at Fenix this weekend instead? It is safer that way.

Fenix Comix Wish’s you and yours a joyous holiday season and a safe and happy New Year.

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And don’t forget to wear your favorite Deadpool themed holiday sweater – you just might get a surprise… or you might not… but you might… but if not, you will still be wearing an awesome sweater! And won’t that make you feel good about yourself?