Maybe you just found a hidden gem in the back of your closet, bought something at a yard sale that turned out to be worth a lot more, picked up a new book with a rare cover from us, or won it in one of our raffles!  

However you acquired it, we would like to help you preserve your treasure. Sending a book to be graded involves setting up the order, packaging and shipping your books so that they arrive in the condition you send them, and making sure someone is there when the books come back so the postman doesn't leave them outside.

Once CBCS receives your precious books, an expert from the guaranty company will assign a grade based on aging appearances, wear and tear, and smell. The cover and interior pages will be carefully inspected and all faults will be listed. The book could then be "slabbed" or encased in a hard, clear acrylic cover, with the official grade and grader's marks listed at the top. Another option is to receive a "raw" grade, where the book is not slabbed after inspection, but is bagged and boarded by CBCS. A sticker stating the grade is attached to the front of the bag and it is sealed with tamper-evident stickers. 

While not every comic book need be graded and slabbed (most should be read and loved), we can help you with the decision on which of your prized possessions are worth preserving in such a fashion. Some books are so old and worn, that the value is already gone. Some books may appear to be old and worn, but hold quite a bit of value anyway, so slabbing them can help to preserve them from deteriorating any further. 

If you are trying to sell a book quickly, but want to guarantee the grade to get the most value, a raw grade can help you achieve that. If you want to hold onto your book a while longer (and wait a bit longer for it to come back), and you don't mind paying a bit more to preserve the value by having the book encapsulated, then it may be worth it to take that extra step. 

We can assess the current market against your book or collection and help you decide which books to send out.

Whichever way you decide, we can help you get everything set up, package and ship your books, and keep you up to date on the progress to the best of our ability. Once your books are returned from their vacation in sunny Florida, we will let you know they have arrived safely and, if you like, help with the next steps in selling your prize.

CBCS Grading Through Fenix Comix


CBCS Grading Through Fenix Comix

Raw Graded Book

CBCS Grading Through Fenix Comix

Raw Grade Seals