Changes To Online Subscription Service

Alright Fenix Nation, we have upgraded our subscription service to PullBox.

Current subscribers should have received an email from with an invitation from us to join PullBox. This subscription service is linked directly to Diamond's inventory to make ordering smoother and more accurate. 
If you have not already received an invitation from us, just let us know so we can get you squared away!
Use our Online Subscription Service Through PullBox
Subscribe to a current series to get every latest issue or Pull a single issue to get that one special variant cover or tie-in.

PullBox is invitation only at this time.

Add your subscriptions (allow at least 3 weeks before you will receive your first issue)

You can still add items that are past cut-off, but there may be a delay

Add and remove items on your own us have us do it for you. Just ask!

Mail-order subscriptions are allowed, just send us your PayPal email address for billing and shipping. (Shipping costs will apply)

We will email you on Wednesday which books you have received in your box this week.

You can now order Back Issues, TPB, HC, Pops, Shirts, and more!

Your Pull will be stored for you in our cabinet, under your last name, or mailed to you if you have arranged for that. We send out invoices every week as new books come in, to those who have an order ready. You will only receive an invoice when your book has been placed in your box.