Wooden Comic Boxes by Green Creations

You can now special order Wooden Comic Boxes from Green Creations through Fenix Comix. Each one will have your choice of image on the front of the box, and a special version of the Fenix Logo and Green Creations Logo on the lid.

They are easy to assemble, and come flat-packed in stretch-wrap to make transport or shipping easy. They are similar in size to a short BCW/plain white comic short box. You do lose about 3" of internal space, so it won't hold quite as many books, but they will be more secure and display-ready.

If you choose to have a custom image added to yours, rather than one of the ready-to-go boxes, please send it in .jpg form to teamfenix@fenixcomix.com.

Wooden Comic Box - Choose Design

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Step 1 - Insert Bottom Tabs into Side Slots

Step 2 - Slide Front and Back Pieces into Side Slots

Step 3 - Almost Done! Gently flip for next step...

Step 4 - Inside Rods or Slats into both Bottom Slots

Step 5 - All Done! Insert Comics and Place Lid

Lego Batman

Deadpool Logo

Wonder Woman Logo

Chibi Batman


The Child (Baby Yoda)

Chibi Deadpool


Custom Image (Single Image)