New Online Subscription Management Service is Now Available!

Alright Fenix Nation, we have selected an online pull site to use at

It is simple and easy to create an account there. Once your account is created, click on the Store button and search for Fenix Comix and select us as your store, by choosing "Connect and Share". This will allow both you and us to manage your pull. We look forward to seeing you there!!
You can still use the "offline" form method, for specific things, or if you just don't want to manage it online. 
Use our Online Subscription Service Through Comic Geeks
Subscribe to a current series to get every latest issue or Pull a single issue to get that one special variant cover or tie-in.

Go to and choose Fenix Comix as your store

Add your subscriptions (allow at least 3 weeks before you will receive your first issue)

Check our Previews Blog and/or the Pre-Sale group on Facebook to see what is coming soon, so you don't add it too late!

We can help you learn to manage your subscription with some easy tutorials that we have made. Just ask!

Mail-order subscriptions are allowed, just let us know the mailing address and how often you would like books shipped. (Shipping costs will apply)

We will email you on Wednesday which books you have received in your box this week.

Use Our Offline Form for Non-Upcoming Issues
Back Issues, trades, graphic novels, other novelties, or also for current series and single upcoming issues.

Send in your form, or fill one out in the store and we will get your order to you!

Missed an issue and don't see it on our shelves? We can try to track it down. Don't add it to the online pull site after it's release date.

You can order more than just comic books. Trades, OGNs, shirts, POPs, Eaglemoss, and other goodies can be found in the Previews book.

Use this for a Graphic Novel or Trade Paperback (or anything else) that is past release date.

You can even use this method for current series and Previews orders, if you would rather have us manage them for you.

We will email you on Wednesday which books you have received in your box this week.

With either type of Subscription/Pull, you will receive the exact titles and covers* you specify, when they are released (or later, depending on when you ordered). Your Pull will be stored for you in our cabinet, under your last name, or mailed to you if you have arranged for that. We send out invoices every week as new books come in, to those who have an order ready. You will only receive an invoice when your book has been placed in your box.

You may browse a Previews book in the store, if you wish. This will help make your order more accurate. Taking home a copy of Previews will allow you to browse this mighty tome at your leisure, and make decisions on which of the many many titles you would like to subscribe.

Examples of accuracy in ordering, when filling in the "offline" form:
"Batman" - Did you mean "Batman" or "Batman: Detective Comics" "All Star Batman" "Batman Beyond" "Batman: Creature of the Night"
"Guardians of the Galaxy"  - could be "Guardians of the Galaxy" or "Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy" or "All New Guardians of the Galaxy" or "Guardians of the Galaxy the Tell-Tale Series"

*There are no guarantees you will receive "Incentive Variants" just because they were on your Pull. These are limited issues, and will go out on a "first come, first serve" basis if we get them. We do not always qualify for all Incentives due to ordering requirements. Check the Presale group on Facebook to be sure we are getting them and that you are on the list, or add it as soon as you see it on Comic Geeks and keep your fingers crossed!