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Local Creator and Teacher Chris Rau Goes for Round 2 with Magnus

Check out the latest installment that is sure to be a hit!

"In the follow-up issue to the smash-hit, best-selling comic book Magnus The Brave, we join Magnus as he approaches the great city on the horizon...

Darkness has fallen on the once great city of Pholkos.  Magnus, fresh off of his victory over General Gorath and his demon horde, finds himself in the shadow of the walled city... 

...or perhaps, in the shadow of something far more sinister.

Unbeknownst to Magnus The Brave, an evil unlike any he has yet faced awaits his arrival.  He has come in search of answers and will do whatever it takes to find them.  What are these powers he possesses?  Why does he have them, and who or what is on the other side of this coin?

Magnus will need to rely on his instincts if he is to survive the dangers awaiting him in Pholkos."


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