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April Previews – Part 2

Here is part 2 of your April 2019 Previews. Part 1 was just Marvel and DC – Now you get to read all about all the the other series’ that will begin in April 2019. This is probably the most important section for those who like book that not every shop is going to carry. We […]

Hellboy Hell Water Cinnamon Whiskey Tast...

Hellboy Hellwater Company will be supplying a FREE whiskey tasting Saturday, January 27, 2018 from 4pm-8pm. Bring your ID and get ready to talk comics with Team Fenix while we sample some good stuff! Also, check the HHW company’s Facebook page (linked above), or go to their website for more information on this delightful elixir. […]

SantaPool is Coming to Town

Guess who is on the naughty list and needs to serve some community service?! You’ve guessed right! SANTAPOOL Here comes SantaPool, here comes SantaPool! Saturday 2p to 4p. Help Wade get off the naughty list. He’s been naughty so hopefully he’ll treat you nice. MAXIMUM EFFORT! We will have some special discounts for your holiday shopping […]