Welcome to the Lair

Undead 31 is a sub-site (or basement, if you will) of Fenix Comix that is haunted by Mr Macabre. Soon, we will have more spooky, creepy, and horror-ible content right here, brought to you by our favorite ghoul. For now, please enjoy these episodes of "The Really Lame Late Show" and other shenanigans.

(Please watch your step.)

Ghost Busted?

Featuring Midland Empire Ghost Busters

Undead 31

Whiskey Wizard

Will Donny Distract Jeremy Haun?

Undead 31

That Time Donny was Zombie-napped by the Scribe of Scary


Undead 31

Unearth Boys

Featuring Larry and Jerry Diggerson, and the Man Who Draws Monkeys

Undead 31