Construction is Under Way

We are working hard on getting the web store up and running. We want to make sure that all of our customers have the best experience possible, with no hiccups. This requires a bit more construction, organizing, and syncing of the online inventory with our brick-and-mortar store. As soon as we work out all of the kinks and get it 100% ready, we will let you know. Please be patient as we get it all pretty for you.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Keep in mind that we already have thousands of titles in stock and many of those are not even out for sale in the shop yet. There is a lot left to do with all of those books, but we wanted to open the shop so you could start getting your comic fix! New titles are being brought in just about every day, so there is always something new to browse through on the back-issue table.

Don’t let the web-site construction stop you!

Meanwhile, there is still plenty of content for you on this site. You can give us suggestions on books you think we should carry, start your pull list, write a review for our store, and gets info on upcoming events, sales, previews and more! Look and around and see what else you can find!